End of the Month: October

I think October was pretty good. In terms of running weather, it was great – no snow, not really cold – so I can’t complain there. I’m mostly been doing school work, which if it didn’t take up so much of my time I’d find really enjoyable. This month we headed up to Hinton for Thanksgiving, finished off the last of our canning, got the last of our summer CSA delivery, cleaned out the garden and found a ton of new wild asparagus plants! What I thought was super exciting this month was getting this:

Yes, that’s a vacuum hose for the built-in vacuum. No more vacuuming with the shop vac now! I’m not going to get out of control with my vacuuming, but I might be tempted to vacuum a little more often now.

As the year has progressed, my 2011 Goals haven’t really been on my mind too much. I’m got some of them done, some aren’t going to happen and some don’t seem that important right now. Still, I’m trying to keep track, so lets see how things went in October.

Run a (nother) marathoncompleted in May! Just a few weeks away from my last race of the year. Other than last week, Patches and I have been doing quite a bit of running and October was my highest mileage month since my marathon in May.

Take 5 photos a week for the whole year – 6 photos this month. I think it’s because it’s getting dark so early?

Stop Biting My Nails – Still good!

Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011 – While we could still do a road trip, it’s gotten too cold for me to think about canoeing. Next year we’ll revisit this one!

Try something new once a month –in October I made gluten free pie.

 Take a photograph of the night sky – You can check out my first and second star trail photos. I’m going to keep at this and get that amazing shot one of these nights.

Go on a picnic for picnic sake – I’m still thinking that maybe a winter picnic wouldn’t be that bad? Hot chocolate!

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – Now that the CSA is done, this one might be a little tougher. I still have a huge bag of kale in the fridge, so I haven’t purchased much in the way of vegetables.

Cook one meal a week as a family – Jonny has been away for most of this month as well. He helped with the pie, and I fed him those slow cooked beans and kale, plus a pretty good kale lasagna and a kale quiche.

Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – I took the bus to work a couple of times this month, and now that it’s cooled off I’ve been busing to campus as well.

Increase my backyard food production/eat locally – done! Completed by the end of August with the garden and the CSA.

Read 52 Books in a Year – Three books again this month, but I have such a huge pile on my bedside table that I have to read. It always seems like all the library books I want come in at once!

And that’s another month. Nothing crazy happening in November that I know of, but it will busy with school, running and the start to the HBBC!


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