Winter + Donuts

Saturday was -22 C, -30 C with the windchill – winter has arrived! I am not a winter fan, so this cold snap marks the beginning of me complaining about the weather for the next 5 months. The upside to the cold weather is that I finally headed to the yoga studio for some time in the hot room. I haven’t been all month but it seemed like the better option when compared to running outside. I do really enjoy yoga, but the time commitment for a 90 minute class (plus commute) means I don’t go as often as I should. Now that the HBBC has started, I’m going to try to go more. Plus, it’s warm in there.

I’m happy that I went to yoga both today and yesterday because our Sunday brunch included a few of these amazing donuts that Jonny made.

I made a simple yeast donut and he made up some pumpkin spice cake donuts. Both were delicious, and I consumed three or four before we actually sat down to eat brunch. By the time we’d finished (spinach and cheese strata, hash brown casserole, sausage, fresh juice and coffee) I was too stuffed to move. I think it’s time I slowed down my eating – especially with the holiday season coming up. Still, the donuts were delicious (as was the rest) and I’d have them again (maybe not as many though!).


2 thoughts on “Winter + Donuts

  1. Winter and doughnuts…hmmm Don’t homemade doughnuts go with any season? the whole brunch sounded delicious. I plan on trying the doughnut recipes sometime soon.

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