Excerise Plans Until the New Year

So, it’s been a little over a week since my half-marathon and time that I finally got back into exercising. For the first time in over a year, I don’t actually have a race training plan (I usually have something even for non-racing times). My fridge is empty – I’ve even removed (and recycled) the old training plans that have been piling up. The lack of an official plan doesn’t mean I’m not exercising, I’m just taking a break from having it all laid out for me and trying to do what feels good on a given day. We’ll see how that goes because I’m sure lots of my decisions will be weather based and I know that saying I should just take a rest day every time the thermometer dips isn’t a good idea.

I’ll still run (I’m aiming for 21 miles a week) but sometimes it will be a bunch of shorter runs every day of the week, and then some weeks will have a long run on the weekend and less weekday runs. I’m going to try to go to yoga two to three times a week (especially on those -20C days) and I’m getting back on my NROL weights plan and finishing it off. I’ve been telling Jonny that I’ll go to the pool with him and this December I’m finally going to do it. Patches and I are also going to walk more often so that neither of us goes crazy in the house. And abs, which I never do with my weights because I don’t have time, are making a comeback.

Usually I’m a complete disaster without a written training plan, but I’m hoping that the HBBC is enough to keep me motivated. So far I’ve been pretty good – twice to yoga, running and then weights today – which is more than  I did in the last few weeks of half-marathon training! This is only going on until the start of January and then I’ll figure out my next plan from there.


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