That Cake

It was a friend’s birthday this week and her cake request was chocolate and cream cheese icing. I love chocolate cake so I was happy to oblige (plus, it was her birthday). A little internet searching brought me to Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake and it didn’t take long for me to decide that this would be the cake. It got even better, because Jonny agreed to be the cake baker so I could do school work. Chocolate cake with almost zero effort on my part!

Jonny made the cake on Thursday night but left it un-iced until almost eating time on Friday. I hadn’t tasted the cake (besides the batter) until we served it but there was nothing to worry about – the cake was divine. The cream cheese frosting with cream is light and fluffy and has all the taste of cream cheese icing without a lot of the heavines. And the cake – it’s moist, chocolately and dense. Perfect!

We made two cakes (because you never know) and have been eating leftovers all weekend. It’s good the day after, and the day after that as well. It’s our new favourite chocolate cake and will make appearances at other events (I think after Christmas – I can’t handle too many more sweets). I think it would be fantastic (and a little less hearty) frosted with (almost) 7 minute frosting.


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