End of the Month: November

It’s December! On Wednesday we hung the Christmas calendar and the matching fireplace runner thing. Usually I wait until we have the tree before I decorate but I wanted the calendars up for the first day of December (more treats!). The end of November really snuck up on me – I think because I was so busy with school. We had our first snowfall at the beginning of the month and then again on Wednesday. The official start to winter isn’t until later this month  but it’s definitely winter in Calgary.


I haven’t really worked on my 2011 Goals this month. It’s really close to the end of the year, but certain things just aren’t going to happen. Oh well!

Run a (nother) marathoncompleted in May! I ran my last race of the year – the Last Chance Half Marathon – on November 13 but am still trying to keep my training going with the HBBC challenge.

Take 5 photos a week for the whole year – Fail

Stop Biting My Nails – Win!

Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011 – I’ve revised this one for next year, so look for it in the 2012 goals!

Try something new once a month –in November I made muffins with my grain share flour. They were pretty tasty. I also tried bread with the same flour – it was a total flop!

 Take a photograph of the night sky – You can check out my first and second star trail photos. Next summer I plan to try again.

Go on a picnic for picnic sake – Not going to happen

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – Back on the CSA with a winter share. Good vegetables but limited selection so we have been spending a little bit more on fruit and other less seasonal veggies.

Cook one meal a week as a family – We cooked together lots this month – including a delicious brunch with donuts .


Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – The HBBC challenge motivated me to walk a little more this month including trips to the mall and grocery store.

Increase my backyard food production/eat locally – done! Completed by the end of August with the garden and the CSA. Still going with the new CSA share!

Read 52 Books in a Year – This I did manage to finish this month. Lots of reading still to happen in December.

And that was November. Now that it’s December I have the last bit of school, Christmas with the family and lots of time off to recover.


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