The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt – 2011

This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten our Christmas tree. But it was a nice day, I had the permit and we figured we’d get to enjoy it longer this way.

We got a late start heading out to get the tree – it was almost 1pm before we had the car loaded up with dog, snacks and winter clothes. We drove out towards the mountains and then a little south to the area I’d purchased our permit for. It was the same area we went last year, so we figured we’d find something out there. After driving around a littl,e we parked the car on the side of a giant hill and started to climb up. We wanted a pine tree (as always) so we needed to find a clearing where the little pine trees were growing. The hill was pretty steep but the views were pretty.

We actually didn’t have much luck up on the hill – but as we were heading down we found one little (and not too bad-looking) pine tree. In fact, it was no worse than any other tree we hauled home, so after a few minutes of deliberation we decided it was going to be the one. Jonny set to work cutting it down, while I pushed it up the slope so it wouldn’t fall on the dog.

The hardest part was then getting the tree back down the slope. We slipped and slid our way down to the car, tied the tree down really well (because it was super windy) and headed home.

With a little adjustment the tree fit perfectly into the livingroom and we decorated it after dinner. When I looked at my tree photos from last year I realised that I seem to have misplaced my snowflakes so I guess I’m not actually done decorating but it still looks nice.


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