Kitchen Renos – Somewhere in the Middle of It

Our kitchen has been under construction since we moved into the house. Last November I declared that over the holidays we were going to fix the remaining problems in the kitchen. Christmas 2010 came and went without anything being done. Then spring, summer and fall past with nothing being done. It’s now Christmas holidays 2011 and I’m finally making good on my promises to finish off the kitchen. We’re a week in and slowly (oh, so slowly) making progress.

I had planned to take some before photos, but then realized that I already took them back in 2008. This is what the kitchen looked like before we started redoing anything:

This is what it has looked like for the longest time:

 And today, only a week (or less) away from my family showing up for Christmas, this is what it looks like:

Which, doesn’t look too bad. Except for the fact the it’s not done. Those cupboards still need washing, sanding, priming and painting. Same for the walls. And the roof. Oh, and all the cupboard doors (which have just been piled in the basement).

But, it isn’t all doom and gloom. I am one coat of white paint away from being done these:

Which means soon a lot (but not all) of this stuff can be put away, leaving room for everything in those unfinished cupboards to be unpacked.

The plan is to have everything back together for Monday because on Tuesday we want to replace this:

It might be a bit ambitious but I really want my kitchen back together so that a) I can clean my house before company arrives and b) so I can do some Christmas baking. I am craving cranberry and pisatchio biscotti like crazy!


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