HBBC – Week 4

I had a quieter start to the week but I was able to exercise consistently after that. The weather has been nice so I’ve been enjoying runs outside and walks with the dog.

HBBC Week 4

Saturday – 2.5 miles of walking – We went out and got our Christmas tree. It seemed like a lot of work but was only about a mile and a half. We’d taken the dog out for our usual 1 mile walk so at least I got a little exercise.

Sunday – 3 mile dog walk and 15 minutes of snow shoveling. We got a ton of snow overnight, which make me glad that we already had our tree and didn’t have to drive.

Monday – 5 mile run + 20 minutes of weights + 1.5 mile dog walk + 15 minutes of snow shoveling – I enjoyed my first day off and did some stuff around the house.

Tuesday – 4.25 mile run + 1 mile dog walk + 1 mile up to the mall

Wednesday – 4.25 mile run + 2.5 miles of walking + 20 minutes of weight lifting

Thursday – 2.5 miles of walking – We celebrated being done all my school work with lunch at Rush. Jonny took this photo of our delicious trio of sweets that finished off our meal. My favourite was the pumpkin cheese cake (with the berry on top).

Friday – 1 mile dog walk + 6.5 mile run. The weather was gorgeous and I needed a break from the kitchen renos so I went for a nice long run. It was nice to run and it felt good to just be out.

Total Points: 38


One thought on “HBBC – Week 4

  1. Hi Jenn and Jon, the Phillip’s family wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best to you in 2012. Thank you for the Christmas postcard, it made us laugh! Patches looked so funny with his tongue sticking out and his head sticking through the pea pod. And yes Donnelly was looking very regal Luv Aunt Barb and all
    PS I really should get your email, I tried to get it from your parents with no luck:)))

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