Recovering After Christmas and HBBC Weeks 5 and 6

I love Christmas but there is only so long I can wallow in mint bars, turkey for every meal and doing nothing but reading on the couch before I start to feel icky. I’m not giving up the mint bars (too delicious) but I’m trying to work myself back into a routine of eating vegetables and doing more exercise. I actually did pretty good with my running over the holidays – having  buddy to motivate you really helps – but I know that after a month away the hot room is going to feel a little tiring and my weight routine will need a few weeks to get going. Right now we’re enjoying a few days away over New Years and I’ve been running, walking the dogs in the forest and drinking more water a day than I have in all the past week. It’s been good for me and I’m excited to enjoy another couple of days of the same thing.

While the past few weeks have seen less exercise, I’ve still been tracking my progress for HBBC. In Week 5 I ran 17 miles and walked 8 miles. This week (Week 6) I ran 20.5 miles, walked 7.25 miles and actually ate my required veggie/fruit servings twice. I’m hoping to start the new year strong with lots of running and a lot of hot yoga next week to finish HBBC!


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