My 2012 Running Plans

I’ve been spending some time thinking about what my running plans for this new year should be. Last year it was easy – I wanted to run another marathon and I wanted it to be sub-4 hours. I accomplished both those goals in May by running the Calgary marathon in 3:57. Along with the marathon, my other running goals for the year were to run 1000 miles and get a sub-1:50 PR in the half-marathon.

This year my running plans seem a lot less clear-cut. I think I’m going to run another marathon – Vancouver, so I can go visit my sister again – and I’d like to do some trail racing. But nothing is set in stone (as in I haven’t committed to registering for any races yet) because I can’t decide if I really want to. Which is fine right now – I just started marathon training again so mileage is lower and I want to run another 1000 miles this year, which should help keep me on track – but will be a problem when I’m faced with a 20 miler in the cold!

So, for now the 2012 running plan doesn’t really exist. I like schedules and organization, so I’ll re-evaluate in another month and see if I can’t make some decisions by then. But I’ll just continue to enjoy the warm weather, my new shoes and running in daylight while I make up my mind!


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