End of Vacation Blahs

I know that lots of people have been back to work for almost a week now but school for me doesn’t start until Monday, making today my last real day of vacation (the weekend doesn’t count because I would have got that time off anyways). Vacation this year has been long, and although I love my time off,  it’s been starting to get a little boring this past week. Last night at 9:00 PM I found myself just sitting there, staring around our living room – bored. I’d already worked out, spent time on my computer, walked the dog and,  since Harry Potter and I had a falling out over his teenage sullenness, I was done with reading. I was in one of those moods where I didn’t want to do anything, which put me in an even worse mood.

Today I’ve been making extra effort to get stuff done and not mope around the house so that I actually enjoy my last day. So far it’s working! A nice 5 mile pace run gave me the energy to finally move the Christmas decorations and various piles of recycle out to the garage. I forced myself into the basement to fold and put away the laundry. I tidied up the house, which gave me room to do my ab workout in the living room.  And I scheduled a dog walk so that I don’t spend my whole afternoon sitting on my couch. Already I’m feeling better.


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