Stuff We’ve Been Eating

I have been cooking since I started back at school – it’s amazing how having less time at home makes me so much more productive – but I haven’t been taking photographs because it is always dark by the time dinner rolls around and natural light is my only friend when it comes to photography. Still, I thought I’d share what we’ve been serving up around here and you can just imagine how delicious it all looks.

1. Things in the Crockpot 

I love my crockpot but don’t get around to it all that often. Last week I used it three times which was awesome as it changes the prep time for dinner from a before dinner to an after dinner chore.

I made turkey broth in the crockpot on Sunday by throwing in half the Christmas turkey carcass, 9 cups of water and some veggies that were in the freezer. I cooked it on low for 8 hours and then strained out the bones and mushy vegetable bits. I kept it in the fridge overnight and skimmed off the fat on Monday.

Tuesday I took the turkey broth, added some veggies and made a crockpot version of my favourite turkey soup. I put everything in to simmer for 8 hours on low, and then served the hot soup over pasta I had cooked separately. So easy!

Wednesday was easy crockpot burritos – which hardly needs making in a crockpot it’s that easy.

2. Squash

It’s a seasonal vegetable right now, so we’ve had quite a few pass through our fridge this month. I’ve been experimenting with stuffed squash because they seem like a great way to make a squash into a main course. We tried one recipe (that I cannot find the link to) a couple of week ago, but this one that I cooked last night was pretty tasty as well. I didn’t have wild rice mix, so I sort of winged it by cooking the wild rice as directed in the recipe, and then adding in an unmeasured amount of white rice and cooking some more. It worked out perfectly, much to my surprise. I subed in dried cranberries for the cherries, and drizzled maple syrup and balsamic vinegar over the stuffing mix.

I’ve also been enjoying spaghetti squash as a side – it’s like pasta but tastier!

3. Using Stuff from the CSA

Since it’s winter here, there isn’t much (anything?) growing. Our CSA is pretty much the same every time – beets, potatoes, carrots, onions – so I’m always trying to find new recipes for the same old ingredients. Last week we tried a recipe from Spilling the Beans (a Christmas gift). The book is filled with so many great recipes, but I settled on beet salad. It was pretty delicious – wild rice, beets, goat cheese and I threw in a handful of spinach instead of kale.

This week we finally used up all the Jerusalem artichokes that we’ve been getting with our CSA. They’re tricky vegetables to use because they are sort of like a potato, but more work to get ready. We made the Jerusalem artichoke and potato showder from the LCBO Spring 2011 magazine and while it look a lot to wash and chop the artichokes, it was a pretty tasty soup. I would use my immersion blender next time and pulse it a little bit just before serving to thicken it up next time I made it.

I don’t have anything planned for next week yet, so my Friday will consist of a little bit of recipe hunting. Should be fun and I’m looking forward to a few more delicious meals.


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