New Running Belt!

It seems like everywhere out here has been experiencing a bit of a cold spell. I know it’s winter and all, but waking up to this in the morning really make me want to head straight back to bed.

The drop in temperatures means I haven’t been getting outside to do much of anything, let alone run. I went out Monday morning bundled in my long underwear, fleece pants and wind pants plus two merino wool shirts, a puffy jacket and my winter jacket. I was actually too warm for most of my 3 miles, which was nice, but finished feel achy and tired from running in all those extra clothes. We didn’t get back out until Wednesday when it was obvious that both the dog and I needed to get some exercise. Luckily it was a balmy -25C and daylight, which makes a huge difference. We weren’t fast but we were out there.

Our little run gave me the chance to test my newest piece of running gear – a SPIbelt!

It looks so tiny when it is all folded up but it really expands.

My iphone doesn’t really fit in my old running belt but I hate to run without it in case something happens to the dog. The new belt is perfect, there was lots of room for the phone and probably a few other items. My only issue (and this is not a big deal) is that because of the expandable nature of the pouch it collapses back in on itself when you take out your phone making it a little more difficult to get back in while you’re wearing the belt. This isn’t a big deal since I don’t take stuff out of my belt very often while I’m running. You can buy little pieces to convert it to a bib belt as well, but I figure I will just make those little parts myself.

The weather is starting to warm up and looks like it’s going to be much nicer next week. I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my training next week.


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