A Saturday

Today was supposed to be my long run but I just couldn’t do it this morning. I have lots of reasons why but honestly I just wanted a day off – no school work, no running. I feel just the teeniest bit guilty for taking a 3rd rest day this week but it was so nice just to do other things today.

Our big adventure for the day was a trip to the Bulk Barn. I didn’t think there was one in Calgary but apparently it is just located on the opposite side of the city. My housemate Sarah and I used to go and get bags of chocolate for movie night when we were students but I haven’t been in years and years. We may have gone a little crazy while we were there but they had lots of stuff that I’d been looking for. Israeli Couscous (mmmm….), sour jube-jubes and the cutest little mini-gummy bears. Ok, I haven’t been looking for mini-gummy bears but I thought they would be the perfect long run fuel (for when my running mojo returns tomorrow). Mini-gummy bears cost more than regular sized ones but I’m sure they’re going to be worth it!

My cupboard is well stocked now because I may also have picked up some toasted buckwheat, steel cut oats and popcorn kernels too! Almost all my old jars are full, so we’ve got to eat some grains before I can buy anything new.

After our shopping we did a much more thorough cleaning of the house than we have in previous weekends. It’s great to have clean floors and tidy rooms, even if it only lasts for a day.

This evening we headed to COP to watch some bobsledding. It was the 2012 FIBT Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cup this weekend and we went to watch the final heat of the four-man bobsleigh races. We went a couple of years ago and it is a low key and fun evening outing. We walked up to the top to see a few starts and then worked our way down the track to watch at that big curve (I forget what it is called). It took a little bit over an hour for the final heat which was the perfect about of time to be outside standing around.  We finished our evening back at home with a movie and few gummy bears.

Tomorrow is back to the normal – swim, run (?) and school work – but it was really nice to have a day off!


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