It’s been the better part of a decade since swimming last showed up in one of my exercise plans. It’s not that I don’t like swimming but it was never really something that I got into. It has always been easier just to throw on my running shoes and go for a run than get myself to the pool. This is probably why it took me almost 6 months from first deciding to start swimming again to actually getting into a pool. I bought myself a sporty one-piece swim suit last summer but it wasn’t until this January that I put it to use.

What finally convinced me to get to the pool was a new drop-in conditioning swim program offered at the pool Jonny swims at. While having to swim with other people who probably know what they’re doing was intimidating, the thought of having someone help me with this whole swimming thing won out. I didn’t want to go the first time but I got over my fears and I’m very glad that I did! We’ve been going for 5 weeks now and even though I only swim once a week I’ve seen a huge improvement in my swimming.  Not only have I been getting lots of stroke improvement tips but it is really nice to have someone else in charge of what you do in a workout. I would never, never swim as much as I do in class if I was on my own (and I probably wouldn’t ever attempt fly stroke or flip turns either!).

I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a swimmer but I’m really enjoying the change from running. It is also nice to have an activity that Jonny and I do together every week. We’re at the pool by 9 am on Sunday but we always walk over to Starbucks for a coffee after and actually spend some time together. I like that when we get home at 10:30 we’ve already walked the dog, worked out for an hour and had our coffee when usually on a weekend we’re normally still sitting on the couch.

So, as much as I love to run I’m going to figure out a time during the week when I can fit in an early morning swim so that I can practice!


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