Every couple has their traditions and going to the thrift store is one of ours. Some of my earliest memories of our relationship involve the thrift store. The first time Jonny and I held hands was on the walk back from the thrift store in Hearst, just a few weeks after meeting. That summer I remember buying a lite brite and a long green sweater with a fringe. One of the first photos we took together is us with that lite brite.

Here I am, wearing that thrift store sweater. Check out how tanned Jonny’s hand is!

During the following four summers we spent almost every day off together at the local thrift store – buying old copies of National Geographic, replacing worn out planting shirts and searching for interesting items. I never went to the thrift store during the rest of the year, but it was our favorite place in the summer. Tree planting reveals a lot about a person but so does what they buy at the thrift store.

This was one of my favorite shirts – it had a picture of a helicopter on it and someone else’s name. I don’t know what it says about me.

As the years passed, we slowly moved away from buying crazy plaid pants and started buying “grown up items”. The summer before we got married we bought our first set of dishes at the Value Village, carefully sorting through the piles before settling on some lovely brown dinnerware.  After we moved to Calgary we bought our first couch from the Salvation Army and our dining room chairs from a charity garage sale.

Remember this lovely couch? $15 and it is still going strong now that it has been moved to the basement (and the addition has been removed).

When we moved into our house we spent a whopping $200 at a garage sale on another bedroom set, a dining room table, hutch and chairs. We’ve picked up lamps, another couch and a new patio set.

And now, over 10 years after that first trip we’re still going to the thrift store together and working hard at collecting second-hand items. Almost every weekend we head to our favorite thrift store to browse books, look for new and interesting drinking glasses and pick up household items. And despite being mostly practical in our purchases:

New hoodie and jeans – $10

No one else had worn these before I picked them up

we’re still buying a few interesting items:


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