Seed Starting and Newspaper Pots

Today we started the first seeds of 2012 – onions, artichokes and some purple cone flowers. This year we tried things differently and built all our own seed starting pots because the ones we like have to be ordered over the internet. It’s pretty simple to make little pots – you just need a wine bottle, some newspaper and a bit of time.

Cut each sheet of paper in half, and then roll two pages around a wine bottle – with half the page on the bottle and half hanging off the end.

Once the piece is wrapped around, tuck the ends into the hollow at the base of the bottle to form the bottom of the pot.

Carefully slide the paper pot off the bottle and presto – a pot that can be filled with dirt (necessary to make sure it stays together) and can easily be ripped off or planted in the ground when it comes time to transplant outside.

Since this is our first time trying these pots I’m not sure how they will hold up but we’ll see how things go as we use them. So far they look like they’re working ok!

We made larger pots for the seeds we started today because they’re going to be growing for the next 8 to 10 weeks inside but we’ll be making smaller ones for later seeds. The indented bottom is key when making the pots so we’re going to be looking for a thinner wine bottle when we start making seed pots for the next round.

We started 6 artichokes, about 30 onions and about 10 cone flowers today and then locked the little pots in the seed growing cage to germinate. Donnelly has already attempted to scale the cage but we’re hopeful he’s going to leave it alone for the most part since he’s got his own structure.


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