A Better Week of Running

Ever since I decided to stop marathon training my running, and exercising in general, has really dropped off. But this week, even with the huge amounts of snow we got, I found myself enjoying lacing up my shoes. I also managed to weight lift and go to yoga. Success!

And I’m not the only one who has been enjoying running this week. Patches has been loving the warm weather and the snow. It’s not as nice now that everything has melted and there are huge puddles but it’s warm and that is really all that matters right now.

Now that snow is gone, the paths are dry enough to wear my lightweight shoes (if I jump over the giant puddles). I enjoy them more than my Asics, so I’m happy that I can wear them. I wore them on my 8.5 miles yesterday and loved them. It was my longest run in weeks and it felt great.

Today it was really warm and I got my first run in shorts this year. The paths were super busy but it was so awesome to be out. Patches and I tried the trails for a little bit but our favorite path was a lake and we had to turn back. I’d also just bathed Patches and wanted to keep him a little bit clean.

Tomorrow is an off day for running (conditioning swim) but I hope that I’m still loving running next week. It is supposed to be warm all week and that makes me way more excited to be out!


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