The First Seeds Have Sprouted

The first onion seeds sprouted on Monday so we spent part of the evening rigging up the lighting system. The two fluorescent lighting tubes are super bright and kind of annoying but hopefully we’re going to get nice strong seedlings. I have it set up on a timer and once we start getting a little more sunlight I plan to turn them off for a few hours during the day.

I think the little seedlings are really enjoying the extra light this year.  I know nothing about growing onions (other than I used to help my grandfather harvest his and I’m going to need to find myself a nice sunny patch of yard to dry them in this fall) but they look good, right?

All the artichokes have sprouted and I really hope that this year they have more leaves before we put them outside. I’m also hoping all of our other artichokes survived the winter.

Only one purple coneflower has come up but I know that they can take up to 21 days to germinate so I’m not too worried. Donnelly has been helping with the seedlings so I’m sure we’re doing everything right.

In another few week’s we’ll be starting more seeds. So excited for spring!


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