What’s Been Going On

Most what I’ve been up is has been recovering from this horrible cold I caught. I caught it a little over a week ago and today is the first day that I’ve felt like I had any energy. Jonny brought me home some cough syrup last night and that stuff knocked me out. It was great to get a full night’s sleep. I can’t wait to get back to exercising (it’s been over a week since I did anything more strenuous than walk the dog around the block) and feeling like a normal person again. The only upside to being sick is that it forced me to stay at home all weekend and get school work done. I’ve only got one major assignment and a couple minor things left to finish and then I’m done! No plans to jet off to Vegas like last year, but being done this degree will be exciting. Soon I won’t have to spend my weekends here:

My going shampoo fee experiment was a fail. I had an interview and just could not go with the greasy hair. It felt so, so good to lather up with shampoo and my hair looked great instead of limp. I might try occasionally washing with baking soda and vinegar because my hair feels great these days but I’m firmly hooked on shampoo.

I had grand plans of spending some of my income tax return on new clothes and a cute running outfit but unfortunately it is going to a new clutch and rear brakes for the car. Having a car that changes gears and stops is a little more important than new running tights. I’m still hoping for some new spring work clothes but that’s going to have to wait a little bit longer.

And finally, the rhubarb has come up! Its tiny, tiny but it’s there. It means spring is really coming to Calgary!


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