A New Month, a New Running Plan and the First Crocus of 2012

Did everyone have a bit of an off month for March? I just found the whole month to a bit of a struggle – I was tired so I didn’t exercise which made me feel more tired and so on. Both Jonny and I worked at lot which didn’t help either and it was windy. I’m full of excuses for my lack of exercising but it’s a new month, time to move on and my goal for April is just to “get it back together”.

It is always a disaster for me not to have a training plan and last month was no exception. But I sat down over the weekend and wrote out a new plan for the next four weeks. It’s got running, weights, swimming and yoga on it and the purpose is just to get me back exercising again. I started on Monday with a 4 mile run with Patches and it was great to be out on the trails. We even spotted our first crocus of 2012!

We hit the trails again last night (despite the wind) for 5 miles making this week already my highest mileage week in almost a month. My legs are a little tight from the hills but I’ve got another run planned for today. The forecast is for snow this evening but hopefully that is wrong and I can enjoy another lovely trail run.


3 thoughts on “A New Month, a New Running Plan and the First Crocus of 2012

  1. When excersise becomes a grind, its time to reasses why you do it. So run, swim, do yoga for the joy it makes you feel in your body, not for the ticking off on the list of to do’s. Then you will be running just enough for joy, balance, and refreshment. Have a Joyous Easter Jen, Has Carole told you her news?

      1. They are and thank you, we will be meeting with his parents as a family this weekend. In fact this will be the first easter that I will not have to cook the meal, just take salad!

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