What’s Happening in the Garden Right Now

It’s a few days later than last year, but I got out this afternoon to see what was happening in the outside garden beds. I didn’t have all of today off (I had to go to class this morning) but we got to spend the afternoon outside in the yard. Things are starting to grow and it is exciting to think that spring is actually here!

All three of our rhubarb came up. The ones on the east side of the house have leaves but our original rhubarb is still just in the bud stage.

The oregano is really coming along. I dried some in the fall and I’ve been using it in my cooking. I’m excited that fresh herbs might be available from the garden by the end of the month.

The chives are barely up but already flowering so I’ll be able to cook with those soon too!

Unedible plants are also flourishing. The catnip, all three that I’ve found so far, are growing. I gave Donnelly a leaf the other day and he was super excited. I just have to keep the neighborhood cats away from it.

The day lilies have also come up. They are always one of the first plants that turn green in the yard and while there are still a few that haven’t done anything get, all the ones in sunny locations are up.

And finally, we’re just a little bit more warm weather away from having leaves on the lilacs. I can’t wait until the shrubs in the yard have leaves – everything looks so brown and ugly right now.

It is so nice to see a little green out in the yard. Winter feels so long in Calgary but with our annuals growing I know that spring is on it’s way!


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