A Busy Weekend

It was a lovely weekend around here – the weather felt like summer time and both pets and people were happy just to be outside. After the snow storms of last weekend it was really nice to be outside and working in our yard.

I hadn’t planned on working on Friday but since it was the last Friday at my job (and I had a lot to do) I went in for “a few hours” and ended up staying almost the whole day. This was unfortunate because it meant I did not go to yoga as planned but did mean that I could meet my lovely husband for a drink (club soda with lime) on a patio after work.

Saturday we took our new (to us) truck out for spin to get a seat cover for the back seat. While we were at it we got a new one for the car too – there is something about having a large, dirty dog that requires covers on everything. Purchasing the new covers also motivated me to finally clean our car – which is so much nicer now that there isn’t junk everywhere. After grabbing the covers, we did our good deed for the day and moved 20+ giant paving stones. This was followed by an afternoon of raking the lawn. The yard it starting to look good but I was oh so tired afterwards. I love having a huge yard but it can be exhausting to look after.

I tweeted about our first asparagus earlier this week and while we were out in the yard on Saturday we noticed several others had also come up. Weeding and prepping the flower beds is on next weekend’s to-do list!

Today was swimming, a long brunch, a walk across the new Peace Bridge and some house chores. We had our first dinner on the deck and took Patches for a swim. Not the most exciting day but very enjoyable.

This week will be busy – its my last day of work tomorrow, and then my first day of teaching on Tuesday. I’ve got lots of un-finished work around the house, plus I’m solo-parenting the cat and dog. And I have a ton of books that are very close to expiry on my ereader so I need to fit that in!


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