A Damp Day

It’s raining here today – which I much prefer to snow and actually quite enjoy. The dog and I went for a walk around the loop after work and it was quiet and peaceful out on the trails.

There are tons of  crocuses out there but they looked a little sad today.

 After our walk we took a quick tour of the gardens to see how things were progressing. The asparagus has come up (for the  most part) and many of them look like real asparagus.

We still can’t eat them yet but I’m excited for next year.  Other veggies look like they are almost ready to eat – check out this rhubarb!

It looks like it won’t be too long before we’ll be enjoying a few things out of the garden. I noticed the mint has started to come up, the haskaps all have leaves and I think I even saw a few garlic poking up. I’m hoping that spring will be early this year and that we’ll have seeds and plants out in the garden soon.


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