Four Things that Make Me Happy Right Now

  1. Sitting Outside on the Deck
    We ate dinner tonight and last night out on the deck and it was fabulous. We used the deck all the time when we  first bought the house (mostly because the inside was such a disaster) but the past few years we haven’t been out there as much. It was a little chilly outside tonight but last night was really lovely. I got the last of patio furniture out of the garage today and I can’t wait for the mornings to warm up enough to have coffee outside.
  2. Feeling Like I’m on Vacation
    Last night we had our first campfire of the year and it made me feel like I was out camping.

    I love when every day things make me fee like I’m on vacation. I’ve been doing little things – like putting fresh sheets on the bed more often – that remind me of being away and it’s making it seem like I am. This morning we slept in and ate buttermilk pancakes – totally a vacation morning. I think the pets also feel like they’re on vacation.
  3. Green Leaves on the Trees
    I’ve posted about all the green things in the garden lately but the new green things aren’t just limited to the beds. We’ve got green grass, leaves on the lilacs and buds on the big trees. We started up the pond today and in a few weeks we’ll have plant there too.
  4. Getting to Wear My Toms
    I love my winter boots but I am really excited that it is warm (and dry) enough to wear summer shoes. I’ve got big feet and Toms make my feet look small – then I feel like I look less weird in my skinny jeans. They’re not fancy enough for my work but great for running errands and such. I’m happy that it is warm enough not to wear wool socks!

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