First Seeds in the Ground

We had snow on Saturday, but the rest of the weather has been great so I decided it was time to start some stuff in our outside beds this morning. Last year we didn’t put anything in until after the middle of May! I had planned to do it yesterday but cleaning out our garage took all day. It looks much better now though.

Last year I used grids that we had made out of lath but they were kind of bulky. A friend of ours gridded her raised beds with string and it looks much neater (and easier) so that’s what I tried this year. Before I laid out the grids I raked and leveled the beds. After I put the grids in I installed our rabbit fences.

I planted spinach (two kinds) in the north bed and swiss chard (two kinds) and beets (two kinds) into the south bed. Our north bed was shady last year but the neighbour has cut down a tree and I think that might make it sunnier this year. I’m looking forward to the seeds sprouting and joining the rest of the things growing in our garden.

Our seed cage is full and I’ve started to harden off some of the seedlings. I’d like to have them outside by the weekend to make room for the next batch of seeds that need starting.


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