How the Garden Looks Today

We’ve been having some lovely weather here. It’s hot, it’s sunny and already I’m worrying about my running sock tan lines. As well as increasing my enthusiasm for being outside, the warm weather means the gardens are way further ahead than they were this time last year. Last year I was just putting the first seeds into the ground and this year the seeds have been in the ground almost a week and a half! Nothing is up yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long. I am planning to put the seedlings from the seed cage out in the gardens this weekend (I have been hardening them off for almost two weeks now!) and then the gardens will be fully under way.

Even without the seeds or the seedlings, my garden is still a busy place this spring. The rhubarb that we transplanted seems to have settled in and is nearly as big as it was in its old home. It didn’t get that big last year but it is making up for it this year! Our other rhubarb is also growing well.

All the little asparagus that we grew last year have come up. I can’t belive it, but next year we should be eating asparagus out of our own beds! Also a surprise was that the garlic that we planted in the fall has sprouted. Right now we have 7 garlic plants.

The lovage has also come back – bigger and better than ever. I still don’t know what to do with lovage, other than add a few leaves to salads, but it does grow well.

And finally our fruit trees are in bloom, or close to it. Jonny’s haskap bushes are actually growing (I thought they might be dead) and some even have flowers.

The cherry trees are in bloom.

And the apple tree isn’t too far behind.


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