A Saturday on My Own

Jonny is away in the field this weekend, something I’m a not fan of. Usually he is just out during the week which isn’t a big deal because our work-excercise-sleep schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for hanging out. Weekends are our chance to spend time together, work on our house and yard and be social. But as much as I hate him being away, I think that there is a little upside to spending time at home by myself when I’m not at my daily grind. It can be a nice change to spend a few days on totally my schedule – although not something I want to happen too often!

Its not quite the same to sleep in when you’re all alone (even if I do get his side of the bed when he’s gone) so today the dog, cat and I were up at 6:45 am, ready to get the day rolling. After the pets ate breakfast, I headed out for a run. I’m not a morning runner, so hitting the trails any time before 10 am is usually a struggle. But today felt good and by the time I returned to the house at 8:30 I had 6 miles done.  The magic of the new running plan I guess.

From there Patches and I headed out for a dog walk/breakfast adventure in which I broke out of my usual breakfast out routine and ordered french toast. With Jonny having been away a lot in the past month, I have been eating enough eggs and toast (sometimes for all three meals in a day). I figured I should order something I wasn’t going to cook myself. It was a good choice and I polished it off quickly since I hadn’t eaten before my run or the dog walk.

I spent most of the afternoon building a new bird feeder. Our old one was just tacky and we’d been looking to replace it since it broke in a windstorm last year and needed to be tied into the tree. I used some old scraps from our kitchen cabinet building to make it which meant I had to use both the miter and the table saw to cut things (don’t worry, I wore glove, safety glasses and stayed as far away from moving blades as possible). I even stained it so it matches the deck.

After I hung the new feeder (which hasn’t attracted any birds yet) I spent an hour weeding the yard while listening to an audio book. I usually only weed for a half hour but with the rain/being busy the past couple days I haven’t been out in a while and need to make up for it. I pulled two large bucked of dandelions but you really can’t tell.

I then took advantage of the sun and hung out in the hammock for a while reading (and finishing) my latest book. We just don’t use the hammock enough so even though I needed to wear my down vest to be out there I toughed it out until it was time for dinner.

After all that we’ve settled in for the evening. Tomorrow is another early start – volunteering at the Calgary Marathon – and then I still have over 20 items on my to-do list so I know I’ll be able to fill what is left of my day!


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