Books in May

At the start of the month I downloaded a ton of new titles onto the reader but when it came time to pick something to actually read I didn’t want to get into any of them. Still, I cannot imagine going a whole month without reading so I started reading based on what was going to have to be returned first and actually found that I had a few books that I couldn’t put down.

(26) Fifty Shades Darker (Book #2) and (27) Fifty Shades Freed (Book #3)- E.L. James

I finished the first book in this series last month in record time and I was looking forward to enjoying the last two books just as much. Unfortunately they were just not as engaging as the first one. I think I may need to take a break from series for a while because by part of the way through book #2 I began to majorly dislike the main female character (apparently it isn’t just Harry who brings this out in me). Anyways, things got better by the end of the third book and it wasn’t enough to stop me from reading them.

(28) The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

When I first started this book I was feeling pretty blah about it but with a little time I found I loved this story and there were a few nights where I had to force myself to turn off the reader and go to bed. The book reminded me in a strange way of a book a read a couple of years ago called Bitter Seeds. Both are set in WW2 but The Book Thief is a story of a young girl in Germany and Bitter Seeds is a story centered around a British secret agent. Oh, and Bitter Seeds has Nazis with superpowers and British warlocks who control demons. Still, I think it must have been the writing style or the fact that The Book Thief is narrated by the character of Death that made me think of Bitter Seeds. The mind makes strange connections. Anyways, at the end of it all I’ve already downloaded another Markus Zuzak book and put myself on the waiting list for the sequel to Bitter Seeds.

(29) The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

I only finished it because it wasn’t very long and it went quickly. And then I don’t think it was worth finishing because the ending was what I refer to as a “and then he woke up from the dream” ending.

(30) 100 Cupboards – N.D. Wilson

I think I maybe just need to read more young adult novels because (with a few exceptions) I really enjoy them. I started this book and couldn’t put it down until I finished it (which wasn’t long because it is only 150 pages). I thought the story was interesting, I found the characters funny and I loved that I couldn’t guess how the plot was going to end. If I had kids of the right age at school I would definitely read this one to them! And because of the magic on e-books, I was able to download the rest of the trilogy immediately after I finished so I don’t even have to wait to find out how the rest of the story goes. Love the on-line public library!


Another bright spot in my reading this month (along with The Book Thief and 100 Cupboards) was my discovery of audio books. I know audio books aren’t new but the public library has gotten a whole bunch of audio book licences that can transferred to iPods or iPhones. AND you can just download them off the internet. Best.thing.ever. I am currently listening to Watership Down on my commute to/from work and it is awesome. The other night instead of reading a book I just listened to an audio book in bed. It is like being a little kid again.

In June I’d like to just read books I enjoy (or try to only read books I enjoy). I think that spending more time reading in the hammock will help with this and avoiding anything from the romance genre.  I picked up a few new books at the thrift store so the list of books in the basement is growing and I haven’t crossed anything off that list in a while either. And audio books – I have 5 on my phone right now which should be enough for the rest of my work year.


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