The Garden at the End of May, 2012

The seeds I planted in the first week of May have made an appearance! Most of them don’t look like much but I hope that it won’t be long before we can sample some lettuce.

The North Bed

The squirrels are about half the peas I planted so I restarted a bunch. The first batch is up and this morning I saw the first sprout from the second batch.

In the same bed I planted cabbage seedlings, beans and spinach. Unlike last year, I started the beans directly in the garden so hopefully they actually sprout! I’ve been worried with the cool weather but I will give them some time. The spinach, which went in a week before the beans, already has its first set of leaves.

The South Bed

The onions seem to have survived the transplant outside (and even a hail storm). The center part of the bed hasn’t been planted yet – I’m going to try bush cucumbers there this year and they are still living in the seed cage.

The rest doesn’t look like much but when you get closer you can see that the swiss chard, beets and carrots have sprouted.

The Garage Beds

On the west side of the garage we are growing lettuce again. I wanted to try four kinds but one was out of stock so we’ve just got two types of leaf lettuce and mini-head lettuce.

The east side of the garage is waiting for our squashes and zucchini. Other than the rhubarb and a few asparagus plants, all that is there right now is one of our garlic patches.

The plan for this weekend is to get the zucchini, squash, pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon outside. We picked up some dirt last night to fill in our large pots and I’ve got the seedlings outside hardening off for perhaps their last day today.


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