The Bees Are Here!

A couple of years ago Jonny decided that he wanted to keep bees. This spring was the big year and we’ve been awaiting the arrival of his (our?) first bees with a mixture of excitement and absolute terror (maybe that’s just me). On Sunday morning we arrived at the arranged bee pick up location at 7:30 just as the trailer full of bees pulled up and within a half-hour we on our way home with two hive boxes of bees secured in the back of our truck (having a truck really is great). The bees had arrived!

This is the view into our box of bees when we picked them up.

I had never even seen a bee hive close up until last summer and the arrival of our bees was the first time I’d ever had anything to do with bee keeping. I did put on my bee netting and gloves but let Jonny do most of the actual bee work to get the second hive box on and open up the bees.

Just a little puff of smoke before taking the top off and adding a second box.

We have two hives and we’ve named them after towns in northern Ontario. We refer to the bees as either Geraldton or Moose Factory to keep straight which hive we’re talking about.

Activity at the hives was pretty minimal in the morning after setting up the hives but by the afternoon there were bees everywhere in the yard. There were bees drinking out of the pond, bees buzzing around in the lower yard and they were wasting no time in finding pollen. We saw lots of pollen laden bees returning from somewhere other than our lilac hedges (which they are visiting too).

Moose Factory is quite a bit busier around the hive than Geraldton for some reason.

I am equal parts facinated by them and terrified that they will get stuck in my hair every time I go out in the lower yard. I’m sure with some time I’ll feel more comfortable around them and I won’t jump everytime one zooms by. This summer is going to be a learning experience in bee keeping for both of us but I’m sure it will be exciting!


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