Running Along the River at High Water in Photos

The water in our river is really high right now. Patches and I went for a run along it tonight to check it out even though I got home late and was super tired. Patches was just so excited to be out running – I lost him a couple of times when he went running into the forest – but I felt crummy and we only did 3 miles. Still, it was beautiful along our favourite trails and I was happy that I made a little time for the outdoors today.

The water is slowing flooding out the willows

Usually the water is a lot below our trail

I’m a little worried that I’m going to lose my trails

I still let Patches swim but only in the shallow, sheltered areas

Beautiful green hills just behind the river

The river is getting a little crazy in a few spots. Patches and I won’t be swimming to the island until things calm down!

A very happy Patches

 At the end of our run


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