Blueberry Custard Pie

This is not a custard pie in the way that my Joy of Cooking describes a custard fruit pie. There is no baked custard layer – which makes this pie so much simpler in my mind – and you don’t have to pre-bake the shell. Still, when some one says custard pie this is what I think of.

The filling recipe comes from Jon’s side of the family – it is called “Mom’s Custard Pie” – and requires one to be familiar with making pie filling to interpret the original copy. The crust recipe came from my great-grandmother and is one I’ve never tried before this because it involves whipping the ingredients. Whipping a pie crust has always seemed like a terrible idea but in this case it creates a flakey crust with about zero effort. I’m not sure I’ll switch to always using this crust but the entire pie (filling and crust) required less than 15 minutes of work – the rest the time was spent waiting for dough to chill and pies to bake. If I didn’t have to worry about anything, eating the entire pie would also have taken less than 15 minute but Jon and I paced ourselves and stretched the pie eating out into a respectable 48 hours.

Blueberry Custard Pie
(makes one 9″ pie)

Great Grandma’s Pie Crust

1/2 lb lard
1/4 c butter
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 c. cold water

Berry Filling

4 tbsp flour
1 cup sugar
3 beaten eggs
1 tbsp cream
dash of almond flavouring
4 cups of fruit or berries

Make the crust: cream lard and butter in electric stand mixer (or using electric mixer). Gradually add salt and flour. Cream well. Add 1/4 cup water (or as needed). Gather dough into to equal sized balls and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 325F. Roll out one half of the pie dough and place in bottom of a 9″ pie plate.

Make filling: combine flour and sugar. Then add beaten eggs, cream and almond flavouring. Stir to mix. Fold in fruit or berries.

Pour into prepared pie shell. Roll out second half of pie dough and cover the pie. Crimp and trim edges. Sprinkle top with coarse sugar.

Bake pie for approximately 1 hour or until filling bubbles and crust begins to brown. Cool slightly (to let filling set) and serve.


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