First Day of Vacation!

Today was my first day of summer vacation. I’m not up to anything special this week but I’m enjoying not having to do marking or planning. This is my first summer vacation in forever and I’m happy to have some time off while it’s warm(ish). This is what I have planned for my next 4 days.

1. Clean my house
I put off cleaning the house while I finished report cards and now it is time to do it before things get really bad. I kind of skipped spring cleaning so I should probably do a few extra things as well.

2. Yoga – every day!
I have really been slacking off on my yoga for the past, well, forever. So, I’m taking the opportunity to hit up the yoga studio every day for a week. I started on Saturday so by Friday I’ll have completed my own little 7 day challenge. The rain makes this the perfect time to be in the yoga studio and it feels (mostly) great to be practicing.

3. Ride my bike
I never ride my bike – I always feel like I’m too rushed to use it for running errands. But now I’ve got nothing better to do so I’m going to try to ride more places. So far I’ve made it to the yoga studio by bike and Wednesday I have plans to hit up the library.

4. Get my yard in order
If it ever stops raining that is. I need to mow the lawn, trim the edges and get all my flower beds weed free. Also, if I could get at a few dandelions out of the lawn that would be great.


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