The Garden in June 2012

It’s June, so it’s rainy. This is bad news for our gardens but I’m sure they will recover. Anyways, I think we’re further ahead than this time last year so that is always a good thing! Here’s how things looked today.

The South Bed

I think I lost a few carrot seeds with the rain but the onions are thriving in the wet weather. Our beets, swiss chard and kale are also doing really well.

The North Bed

Our north bed (which I didn’t photograph) isn’t doing as well. The beans don’t like the rain, the spinach doesn’t seem to want to grow and something is still eating my peas. However, the cabbages up there are doing great.

The Garage Beds

Our lettuce is also doing great. The Tom Thumb (a mini-head lettuce) is keeping up with the leaf lettuces and I expect to be eating it by next month.

The squash and zucchini are starting to flower. So far, only male flowers (which doesn’t work for producing fruits) but still!

Elsewhere in the Yard

My herb garden is doing well (we recently planted dill) and check out the giant rhubarb.

And finally our Haskaps have produced fruit! We’ve only got three berries but since the plants look so bad last year I am excited that they are still alive.

It is also the 25% sale at the garden center so we finally picked up some flowers for our pots and baskets – the yard feels much more finished now.

Still lots to do but we’ve got to get some sunshine first!


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