Opening the Hives

So, I had this beautiful post written about opening the hives this afternoon and then it got lost. This is my second attempt and probably not as good.

Today we opened up our hives to see what the bees were really up to. We make all sorts of guesses about what they are doing based on the bees outside of the hive but it’s cool to find out what is actually going on in there. I also got my first bee sting from our hives. I had my gloves off to take photos and one landed on me. Usually they just crawl off but she must have gotten startled and I got stung. Luckily, I got the stinger out and there is no swelling or pain.

We started with Moose Factory because we didn’t get a good look at them when we last opened the hives. Geraldton seems to be calmer so we saved them for last. We didn’t see the queen in either hive but we’ve got larva, brood and eggs so we know that they are in their somewhere doing their jobs.

I know that there are a lot of bees in a hive but it’s crazy to see how many there actually are. They are usually all over the tops of frames and then you also have tons of bees on the side of each frame. They always seem to come to the area where you’re working to investigate what is going on.

I thought the bees would be more upset about having us in their hive but they are actually pretty calm. A few get flustered, and they do crawl on you (especially Moose Factory) but a lot of them seem to just ignore us.

We found a lot of brood in Moose Factory. These little brown cells are the future bees of Moose Factory.

Moose Factory also has a lot of drones. They are easy to spot in the hive and we’ve seen them out at the hive entrance as well.

We looked at frames in all three boxes of Moose Factory and in the top two boxes at Geraldton.

And then we added some honey supers so the bees can start making us some honey too! Our hives are starting to get a little tall (we’re up to three boxes and three honey supers) but this should be as big as they get. Looking forward to seeing what the bees get up to in the next couple of weeks!



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