Books in June

(31) Delirium and (32) Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver

Oh my, do I really have to wait another year for the final book? When I started the first book, Delirium, I wasn’t sure I liked the series but I finished off Pandemonium (Book #2) in a single evening. The second book is just so captivating and completely made up for any similarities between the first book and The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Maybe it is just another teenage novel series but I just couldn’t stop reading!

(33) The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

This was our latest book club pick. It took me forever to read until I just committed to reading and finished it off in large chunks. Some books are just easier to read when you read them in big sections and this was one of those. I didn’t really enjoy the story, although I thought the language was very good and there were quite a few nice lines in the story.

(34) Dandelion Fire – N.D. Wilson

This is the second book in the series that I started last month with 100 Cupboards. It took a little bit to get into this story – there were lots of different stories going on at the same time with all the different characters – but it came together at the end and was quite good. It answered a few of the questions from the first book but left lots to figure out in the final book.

(35) Dragonflight – Anne McCaffey

Sometimes I pick out books by just browsing the available Ebooks on the library site. Sometimes it works out well (think 100 Cupboards Series) and then sometimes it doesn’t – like this book. It’s in no way a terrible book but I really didn’t enjoy it.


I picked up Divergent, The Snow Child and The Club Dumas from the library for our vacation reading. I also put tons on my eReader and there is nothing like flying and waiting in an airport to really get a lot read!



2 thoughts on “Books in June

  1. Just a comment on Dragonflight If you haven’t read any others from the Pern Novels Dragon flight might not have been the best one to start with. Also If the edition you read is one aimed at 14 and below it will not have been the quality you should expect of a Anne McCaffery novel, as I found the editing or dumbing down just ruins the book. If you pick this one up in hard cover or paperback you might enjoy it more. Though Dragonflight was written first, beginning with Dragonsong, then Dragonsinger maybe a better introduction to the World of Pern but if you decide to give Pern another chance in the future, DO NOT read the YOUTH editions unless your an editor who wants to learn how NOT to edit for children!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll have to try another one of her books then. My edition didn’t say if it was youth but maybe that was the problem.

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