A Little Vacation in Baden

We’ve spent the first few days of our Ontario vacation visiting family in and around the tiny town of Baden. Its summer in Ontario and I couldn’t be happier with the heat and humidity!

We spent our first day just puttering around town. A walk to see the ducks at the pond, ice cream, a stop in at Castle Kilbride, a ride on the tandem bike and fire works for Canada Day.

20120704-083504.jpg Ducks at the pond

20120704-083547.jpgCastle Kilbride

20120704-083625.jpgJonny and I on the bike

On Monday we hung out with the family at the beach. It’s warm enough to swim so we paddled around. I built a sand castle with my niece and nephews which didn’t even make it to completion before it was being taken apart.

My nephew is just about to knock over the first tower

Yesterday Jonny and I took a morning drive to Rockwood Conservation area for a walk and a donut.

20120704-084242.jpgRockwood Lake


Today we’re heading off to the cottage for the next couple of days to enjoy a little more Ontario summer.


One thought on “A Little Vacation in Baden

  1. I was near Castle Kilbride today. Let me know if you’re back in the KW area – I’d love to see you guys

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