Cottage Time

We’ve spent the last few days up at the cottage. It was perfect timing because Ontario has been having a spell of hot weather and there is no better time to be at the lake.

We were busier than we thought while in Bancroft. I did some running and it was really pleasant to end each one with a jump in the lake. Bugs weren't too bad but I was always accompanied by an escort of deer flies.

On Friday we went on a little road trip to buy maple syrup. We drove about 45 minutes outside of town to visit an elderly couple who tap their own sugar bush and had a few liters of their homemade syrup to sell to us. The country is beautiful and it is amazing how empty it actually is. I am really excited about our syrup too!
After our syrup road trip we headed back to cottage for some lake time. We spent about an hour or so swimming around the lake. We swam out to the point off the dock and then to the nearest island and finally back along shore to check out other people’s cottages.

Even though it was 30C I was chilly when we got out of the water and spent some time warming up on the dock before dinner.

I’d forgotten how much I love cottaging and I’m happy we got a few days at the lake in this summer. I could have happily spent all of my vacation up there but we’re back in KW area again for the rest of our trip.


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