Post Vacation

I love being away on vacation but I also love coming home. There are lots of little things I miss when I’m away – my usual kind of coffee, my own pillow and (sort of) unlimited wardrobe choice. It’s been busy since we got back from our trip to Ontario so it hasn’t quite felt like back to normal yet but we’re getting there.

We took an extra day of vacation after our trip to head down to see the rodeo at the Calgary Stampede. We also did a little tour of the grounds including a stop to see the mini-horses and a donut with a butter cream cowboy hat on it.

I started my summer job on Thursday. Being in an office is a little strange after the classroom and while I know I could easily keep myself busy this summer, having a little extra cash will be nice.

Saturday was berries and bees. We foraged for Saskatoon berries along the river with the dog for the morning. Patches has just realised that he can eat the berries off the bush and did a little berry foraging for his own benefit. We ended up with about 12 cups of berries and many, many bug bites.

In the afternoon we opened up the hives. Geraldton is doing well but Moose Factory is a bit of a mystery. No honey yet but the bees are busy. I didn’t get stung this time while we had the hives open but got a jab in the neck later in the afternoon while I was weeding the gardens. This time I’ve got some swelling and redness and it hurts.

There were also a few social events, some delicious tacos and some serious time spent at Fabricland purchasing fabric for my latest sewing project over the weekend. We’re heading out on vacation again (yay!) so my goal for the next week is to get back to my “normal” for the week and spend some time catching up from a busy past two weeks.


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