Garden Update – Middle of July

It is always pleasant to come home and find out that your garden did not get destroyed by hail and grew lots and lots. I was very excited to see how well everything looked after nearly two weeks absence. Well, except our sod – which died.

The biggest thing I noticed was just how much everything has filled out. The plants that we put in just before we left have started to grow into their pots and we’ve got a lot more blooms.

Our little veggies that looked so pitiful at the end of June have filled out. The onions are particularly large and I think I should thin out my carrots.

Its time to start eating lettuce! All three types are doing well – especially the new kind we tried this year (Tom Thumb).

Other leafy greens are doing well. Swiss chard and even our little kale are putting out lots of leaves.

The corn is not as big as the stuff in Ontario but is way bigger than it was when we left. I won’t have to worry about confusing it with stray grass in the garden anymore.

I was a little concerned that my squash and zucchini plants were only producing male flowers but over the weekend both produced some female flowers and, not trusting the bees, I did a little q-tip pollinating. Hopefully those little squash are growing! It seems that they don’t produce fruit until they are well established but they look good and healthy.

The big disappointment is my north garden. I thought it might get more sun since the neighbor cut out a tree last fall but it is still really shady. The spinach didn’t do well up there and then what did survive bolted while we were away. I managed to harvest enough for one green smoothie but that was it for the plants. The beans are stubby, and one type didn’t come up at all. And something ate my peas. The bright spot in the garden in the cabbages. A few cabbages had to get pulled (bugs) but the ones that are left are doing well.

I can’t wait to start eating our fresh veggies. With the CSA and the gardens we’ve got lots of great things to try and I’m excited for my first garden salad soon.


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