Sewing Project – Wallet

The last thing I sewed was our new couch cover and that was way back in March. I haven’t felt like sewing in a while but when we were in Stratford the other week we visited Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe and I fell in love with a wallet sample that was on display. I purchased the pattern (The Patchwork Puppy Patterns – Designer Wallet) and last weekend I bought some fabric to make one.

I usually buy my fabric from the thrift store but I really liked what I found at the actual fabric store and since the pattern doesn’t require much I decided to just buy what I wanted. I bought the fabric requirements as listed on pattern package but it turned out that I didn’t need all that I had bought. I had purchased a patterned fabric for the outside and inside and a plain fabric for the inner pockets but I ended up with enough patterned fabric to do the whole thing in pattern. I did use a little plain fabric just to add contrast but I could have completed the whole wallet with 0.5 m of fabric.

I am quite happy with how this projected turned out. I found the pattern easy to follow – except where you attach the tab to keep it closed. I just couldn’t figure that out so I made my own version. I also chose to use snaps instead of velcro to close it. The wallet is big but not too big and has lots of space for cards, a zippered change pouch and spots to slide in cash or receipts.

Now that I’ve tried out the pattern once I’ll probably make a few more of these. It took an afternoon and now I have a fun new item!


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