Apricot Jam

On our way home from BC we stopped in the Okanagan again to visit Dave’s Goat Walk and pick up some fresh fruit.

We left the area with a flat of gorgeous cherries and a flat of “not as pretty” apricots. For $10 we couldn’t resist.

I don’t make a lot of jam (usually we make jelly) but making our flat of apricots into jam couldn’t have been easier. So easy in fact that we started after 9 pm and still got to bed before midnight! I used this apricot jam recipe and the result is deliciously sweet, bright orange jam. I found that approximately 33 apricots is close to 1.5 kg and our flat produced just over that so we were able to make a double batch. In our case, a double batch was just over 24 cups – which we poured into jars and sealed to save for those cold winter months.


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