Early August Garden Update

We returned from vacation to find (most of) our gardens overflowing their beds. I’m actually a little embarrassed by the state of my gardens and my yard in general. Things like weeding, thinning and keeping things out (or in) my flower beds hasn’t really happened. I just haven’t been making the time but then I’m not sure what I have been making time for, since it isn’t house cleaning, laundry or doing dishes. Still, everything seems to be doing well despite my neglect.

We haven’t harvested a ton of stuff out of the garden but we’ve been eating lots of lettuce and carrots and beets are starting to be ready. We ate a delicious zucchini the other day as a salad.

We’ve got our ups and downs and I know that we’ll be doing a little garden planning over the winter. As you can see, our garage bed is a little over crowded. Too much in too little space – more raised beds for next year.

And we planted these giant sunflowers, which did nothing for the longest while but are now rather large.

We’ve got smaller ones scattered throughout the gardens. This one has to compete with my mint plant but seems to be holding its own.

One surprise has been our corn. This was Jonny’s idea but it looks like we might actually be getting a few ears. I’m not sure if it will mature but it is growing tassels.

Not a veggie but also producing goodies are our bees. We harvested our first honey super from our bees on Friday night. It is pretty amazing, but now we’ve got to build some sort of honey extractor. I got stung when a bee went up my hood (they are not in a good mood right now) but I stopped being angry (mostly) at the bees when I got to taste our first produced honey.


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