On 7 Years

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. We’re not big for celebrating, although we’re still both big fans of the marriage (and of the wedding we had). Because it’s our anniversary I was flipping through my old photos, found one of my wearing giant sunglasses on my wedding day, had a good laugh and then thought I’d share a few photos of our special day. We didn’t have a photographer at our wedding so all of our photos were supplied by friends and family.


My mom and dad walked me down the “aisle”. I loved my bouquet that friends made me from flowers collected from an assortment of local gardens. I put it in the fridge in the afternoon and never remembered to have a bouquet toss.

It was so hot during the ceremony. Now I feel a little bad for my bridesmaids and the groomsmen who had to stand up there in the heat with us but at the time I was too happy to care. You can see that I have terrible tan lines from tree planting, wore flip-flops, a watch and two climbing rope bracelets but I think that was perfect for our wedding.

When it came time to exchange rings, Jonny had a little bit of struggle to get mine on. My hands were swollen from tree plant, the heat and the fact that I had gotten an infected cut on the pinkie of the my ring hand less than a week before the wedding. He persevered and we were officially married!

We got married on a ranch, so one of the optional activities between the ceremony and dinner (besides partaking in the afternoon long cocktail hour) was horseback riding. Quite a few of our guests headed out on a ride after the ceremony.

After dinner we had our first dance to Beautiful by Gordon Lightfoot (it was a suggestion by a friend from tree plant who sang me the song while we planted through a giant block of devil’s club). I had abandoned shoes at that point and added at least two mini-drink umbrellas to my hair. We had a “self DJ” system where guests took turns picking the music and my father and I two-stepped to Johnny Horton’s North to Alaska.

I had a fantastic day (well, whole weekend at that) and couldn’t have had a better wedding. Even 7 years after the fact I wouldn’t have changed a thing!


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