‘Tis the Season for Canning

It’s that point in the summer where there is just a lot of everything and we start spending a lot of time putting away goodies for the winter. We’ve been slowly chipping away at things and our canning cupboard is starting to fill up. We’ve already put away apricot jam from our fruit shopping on our BC trip – 24 jars worth which seems like an almost endless supply – and at the same time I put in a few cherries in some brandy (it was just too easy not to).

The other week I started buying beans at the farmers’ market and every week I’ve made a batch of dill beans. They are super easy – beans require very little prep – and are packed in a simple brine. I’ve been using dill from our garden and a little mustard seed in each jar. Tonight I put away batch number 3, which I think might be enough dill beans for the winter. They certainly don’t make a meal but are the perfect ingredient in a caesar.

Still in the works is our sauerkraut. I loved it last year so I’ve got Jonny making many, many batches. I think that our first batch is ready to be canned (I may have sampled it this evening) but the second one just started this week so it will be hanging out on our counter for a while yet.

And in the next few weeks we’ll be making our favorite chili sauce, attempting some salsa and putting away pickles. There are also a ton of cherries in the freezer for jelly and I’ve got several more zucchini to make into bread. Oh, and honey – so much honey – which needs to be safely stored away (more on that later). We are going to be busy!


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