Books in August

This month I had to have a strict reading list – somehow all the books I had on hold came in at once and I had to set a reading order so I wasn’t stuck returning things I’d been waiting forever to get. I didn’t get through everything but I haven’t had to return anything that I didn’t get through yet!

(40) The Club Dumas – Arturo Perez-Reverte

This was our latest book club read so I won’t discuss it too much (since I haven’t got my chance to talk about it at book club). I’ve had it out for a few months now so for me it was one of those books that I had a really hard time starting but once I got into it I finished in a week. It started out pretty ordinary but ended a little strange.

(41) Eating Dirt – Charlotte Gill

This was one of those books I’ve been waiting forever to get so as soon as I finished The Club Dumas I cracked it open. The book is about the author’s experiences as a treeplanter. It’s less of a story and more of a flowing description of treeplanting, the people and the landscape. For me
it brought back a lot of memories. Her description of her days as a rookie remind me of my own days in Northern Ontario – thick bugs, low tree
prices and utter exhaustion. I think if you’ve ever planted it would probably be a great walk down memory lane.

(42) Shadow of Darkness – Deborah Harkness

There are some books I pick up and just can’t put down – this was one them. I read almost all of it in about 24 hours (it’s close to 600 pages) and when I wasn’t reading it I was cranky because I wanted to be spending time with the story. I’ve been waiting for it to come out since I finished A Discovery of Witches last year and it didn’t disappoint. Like the previous book it took some time to get into it (and remember the links to the previous book) but once I got into it I just had to finish it. There are some series I’ve read where I get tired of the characters but by the end of this book I just wanted to keep reading about Diana and Matthew. I cannot wait for the third (and final book) to come out so I can find out how the story ends!

(43) The Fault in Your Stars – John Green

This book comes highly recommended almost everywhere I read about it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it (sad topic) but I really liked it. It is a lot different from the other YA I’ve been reading lately and I loved the main character. It was just a good read and sometimes that’s what I need.

(44) City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

This one started off similar to many other YA books about teenagers discovering that they have been leading the wrong life but throws in enough twists to keep it interesting. There’s a new take on the classic YA love triangle and the plot was good enough to make me want to read the next in the series.

(45) Matched – Ally Condie

More YA reading (I think of it as a requirement of the job). For me, Matched followed a (fairly) standard story line (girl decides that she does not agree with the way future society works + love triangle) but I do love my YA novels so I can’t wait to read the next one either.


In September I still have the rest of the books on my reading list to get through. I’ve got 9 books out that need to be read (yikes) so hopefully I can fit in some time for reading in the next month.


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