CSA Share – Week #9 (and cooking with my veggies)

I picked up my veggies in what was just a quick stop at the farmers’ market on Tuesday. I already have a tons of stuff from my garden and after spending all of Monday turning tomatoes into salsa, chili sauce and tomato juice I was exhausted by the thought of adding anything else. This week’s veggies were pretty simple and all things that I knew I could (easily) cook with.

(and yes, my floor does need a good wash)

The first to go was the cucumbers. I went to bed on Tuesday night thinking about cucumber sandwiches so of course I had to make some. They don’t keep well so I ate them for breakfast on Wednesday instead of packing them as lunch. The carrots got washed and chopped for lunches instead.

On Wednesday night I tried a quick stuffed squash. I steamed the patty pan for about 10 minutes until it was tender and then sliced the top off. I scooped out the squash flesh and mixed it with cheese, bread crumbs, fresh basil and garlic before stuffing it back into the squash rind. Into the oven for 20 minutes until the “stuffing” was hot. Delicious!

And then tonight I used up potatoes (not these exact potatoes as they tend to pile up and I’m a few weeks behind), spinach and swiss chard in a galette. I wanted to try my new cast iron frying pan (!!) so I made it as the original recipe described but I could not get it to unstick when I went to flip it. It still tasted great and was crispier then when I make it in the oven but a lot messier. Poached egg on top is a must.

All that is left from this week is that little bag of cilantro. I’ve got tomatoes and hot peppers in the fridge that are just waiting to be made into fresh salsa so I think that by tomorrow night I’ll have used everything!


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