CSA Share – Week #10 and Other Vegetable Happenings

Here is a rather blurry shot of this week’s veggies. I was too excited about eating that brocoli to bother trying to take a good photo of it.

Our own veggies have also been ready for harvest so we’ve been busy putting away things and that includes around 60 cups of grated zucchini. In previous years I’ve made the zucchini into bread and then frozen it but I think the grated zucchini is more sensible.  Our zucchini harvest this year would have been in the range of 40 loaves of zucchini bread and my freezer just isn’t big enough. The Ambassador zucchini we grew this year were even more prolific than the 8-Balls from last year.

I also pulled up the onions and set them up to cure. This was our first year growing onions so I’m still unsure about how exactly to harvest them but I’ve been doing my research and we’ll see how they keep. I dried them outside for a few days but the cool weather has forced me to bring them inside now.

And finally our giant sunflower has bloomed! Its huge so I feel that it is about time that it did something.


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