A New Roof

We’ve needed to replace our roof since we bought the our house, it has just taken us over four years to get around to it. I cannot take a lot of credit for the new roof – Jonny and our dads did most of the physical stuff and my mother was a most amazing support crew – but I did get out there and help when I wasn’t busy with marking.

They started taking the roof off on Friday and I joined them on Friday afternoon to help with pulling nails.

I think our old roof came off pretty easily – and wood underneath was in way better shape than I ever could have imagined. I should probably stop speaking badly of the people who built our 1950s home.

Everyone worked hard on Saturday and by the end of the day we had shingles on at least two sides, and a new roof over the mud room.

I hate being up on the roof but the view is pretty nice.

On Sunday we got some help and finished off almost three sides of the roof, including a lot of tricky (and annoying cutting) around vents. We had amazing weather for the end of September but it was hot, hot on the roof.

I had to work on Monday but I came home to find out that the roof was so close to being finished. The men had finished off the final two sides, including some sort of fancy weave between the two front pieces of the roof. It was too hot to be on the roof in the afternoon but after dinner we went up to start the final work on the ridge capping.

I did wear the same clothes everyday – roofing was such a dirty job – and those jeans and shirt hit the garbage when I came home from work on Tuesday to find that Jon had finished off the roof. His timing was perfect because we had our first real rain in forever this evening. So far the roof seems to be doing its job.

The new roof is a huge improvement over the previous version – I don’t have any “before photos” so you’ll have to take my word for it – and makes the house look way better. We bought the supplies to do the garage roof as well but we just don’t have the time (or energy) to do it this fall. Hopefully all of our new-found roofing skills don’t disappear over the winter before we can get around to it.


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